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Mississauga Tax Services: HST & Payroll, Our Services Includes GST, PST, Payroll Services, T4's, T5018, EHT and WSIB. GST Return, PST Return, Complete Payroll Service, Payroll Direct Deposit, Payroll Source Deduction Remittance, T4's, T5018 (For Construction Companies), Employer Health Tax (EHT), WSIB (Workman Safety And Insurance Board).






















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HST & Payroll

Our HST and Payroll, Services Include:
. HST Returns (monthly, quarterly or annually)
. Complete Payroll Service
. Payroll Source Deduction Remittance
. T4's, T4A's, T5's
. T5018 (For Construction Companies)
. Employer Health Tax (EHT)
. WSIB (Workman Safety And Insurance Board)

Other Services
. Company set ups including corporations, name changes, corporate dissolutions
. Clearance certificates
. Recover withholding taxes on gambling winning in US

Ask us about any services not listed.



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